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Bon Dia sirs,

How much is my flight delay on Juliana Airport St. Martin ? The big question, with no easy answer. Until today.

We bring you "Juliana", the first accurate source for St. Martin Airline information on your "clever" phone. We cooked up a handy and effective app to give you real-time departure and arrival information.

Download this free app if you are picking up or bringing clients, friends or family to Juliana airport St. Martin, and Yes... its free.

Due to the realtime nature of this information you need access to the internet, either with your data-subscription, or cosy up in the neighbourhood of a wifi connection.

The app is easy to use, userfriendly and pleasing to the eye.

Every effort has been made to include correct, reliable and up to date information with regards to provided information.

PasaBon develops apps for St. Martin that are useful and fun to use. Also check out our other free apps.